Abnormal Load Movement

Abnormal Load Movement

Highly experienced in managing and executing abnormal load movements on site, with in-house jacking and winching capacity for heavy loads up to 250 tonnes.

Celtic Recycling  has experience and expertise you can trust and has received many commendations for successfully accomplishing jacking and winching operations in difficult site conditions. Abnormal load movements present unique challenges and hazards and all site operations require careful assessment, forethought and planning.

At Celtic Recycling, our approach is always:

  • To carefully analyse the situation, consider best options, plan and prepare
  • To have due regard for the safety of site personnel, site operatives and the public
  • To use only the most highly trained and experienced individuals to lead the project
  • To provide all staff with training and guidance for the work they are to undertake
  • To eliminate any potential adverse environmental impacts associated with the site operations
  • To use only the best available tools and equipment
  • To carry out the work professionally, and with absolute precision

We would be more than pleased to discuss your abnormal load requirements in detail - for even the most difficult situations we aim to find a practicable solution.

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