PCB Disposal & Decontamination

PCB Disposal & Decontamination

Celtic Recycling recognise the range and diversity of potentially contaminated equipment and the difficulty this presents in trying to ensure the safe recovery and destruction of PCBs. We have made significant investment in our PCB-processing capacity at Bridgend and these are now, with our four-tier containment system, the most comprehensive and modern facilities available today.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer clients a complete PCB package, including site surveys of suspect equipment, oil screening for low level contamination with additional in-house laboratory analysis if necessary - followed by recovery and disposal of contaminated plant. All operational activities are fully documented and our clients are provided with a complete audit trail to demonstrate compliance with their environmental Duty of Care.

The company has also developed a portable de-chlorination process we have appropriately christened “Draigufel” (Welsh for Dragon’s Fire). In-house research and development has led to the advancement of this non sodium based technology, which destroys the PCB molecular structure, converting it into harmless elements which can be removed and allowing reconditioning of the residual non-contaminated oil.

This innovative process will eliminate the need for wasteful high-temperature incineration of recyclable mineral oil which is contaminated with trace amounts of PCB above the threshold level of 50 mg/Kg.

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