Our Services

Our main services include: live site dismantling; precision concrete cutting & drilling; PCB disposal & decontaminationSF6 Gas recovery & disposaloil recycling; and high pressure environmental cleaning.  Supporting these key services we manage a fleet of vehicles designed to facilitate the environmentally safe movement of abnormal loads to sites across the UK.

Live Site Dismantling view details

Our team of highly trained and dedicated staff provide live-site dismantling and demolition services throughout the UK. Whether the project is the complete dismantlement of a power station, the routine removal of a single plant unit or an emergency response following equipment failure, Celtic Recycling plans and executes the recovery operations expertly, efficiently and safely.

Precision Concrete Cutting & Drillingview details

To support our live site dismantling and demolition service Celtic Recycling employs a dedicated in-house team of Precision Cutting Technicians.

Hazardous Waste view details

Celtic Recycling is the only electrical plant dismantling company in the UK licensed to handle all hazardous wastes which it may encounter during the recovery of electrical equipment. Appointing Celtic Recycling for your equipment disposals guarantees compliance with your Duty of Care and other legal responsibilities regarding the removal of hazardous waste.

Abnormal Load Movement view details

Celtic Recycling is highly experienced in managing and executing abnormal load movements on site, with in-house jacking and winching capacity for heavy loads up to 250 tonnes.

Specialist Plant & Machinery view details

Significant investment in Celtic Recycling’s transport fleet and site-specific plant includes a number of specialist and bespoke designs to provide a flexible and responsive solution to site requirements.

PCB Disposal & Decontamination view details

At Celtic Recycling, we recognise the range and diversity of potentially contaminated equipment and the difficulty this presents in trying to ensure the safe recovery and destruction of PCBs. As a consequence, we have made significant investment in our PCB-processing capacity at Bridgend and these are now, with our four-tier containment system, the most comprehensive and modern facilities available today.

Oil Recycling view details

At our custom-built premises, currently all oil except that found to be contaminated with high levels of PCBs is recycled and reused, typically as a blended lubricating or gear oil. With the company focus firmly emphasised towards maximum recovery, we reclaim every last vestige of oil possible from plant and equipment of all shapes and sizes.

SF6 Gas Recovery & Disposal view details

At Celtic Recycling, we have installed storage facilities and recovery systems - incorporating molecular filters - to ensure that we reclaim 100% of the SF6 gas received at our works.

High Pressure Cleaning view details

Celtic Recycling offer a comprehensive environmental clean-up service of areas effected by oil leakage/spillage as well as supplying bunded transportation and correct disposal of oil contaminated spoil.

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